Conor McGregor downplays Michael Bisping beef

conor mcgregor
Photo Credit: Twitter

Recently, Michael Bisping and Conor McGregor have been at odds in the public eye, but “Notorious” is now claiming that the conflict is bogus.

On Wednesday, McGregor left a voicemail addressing his recent argument with Bisping, which was brought on by Bisping criticizing McGregor for remarks he had made about his acting career. The argument quickly got out of hand, and McGregor started sending out obscene tweets, culminating in his threatening to “cave [Bisping’s] head in,” but now he claims it was all a performance.

Conor McGregor downplays issues with Michael Bisping

“Hey, Mike, it’s Conor here,” McGregor said in the new clip. “I saw you didn’t understand that I was simply acting. I thought you would’ve known. Brother, all love, my man. God bless the show, God bless the fam, and God bless my man. Oh yeah!”

McGregor did not sound like he was taking the situation lightly in a portion of his since-deleted diatribe from this past Friday.

The first person to try to diffuse the issue after that remark was Bisping, who clarified on his Believe You Me podcast that the debate about McGregor was joking.

Transcription courtesy of MMA Fighting