Former UFC star Thiago Santos explains move to PFL

Thiago Santos ufc

When he negotiated his release from the UFC, Thiago Santos still had one bout left on his contract. He now has ambitious plans for the PFL career he will pursue in the next years.

“Marreta” said on the most recent episode of MMA Fighting’s Trocaço Franca that his decision to quit the UFC was the result of a “combination of several considerations,” including better money and the opportunity to “breathe new air.”

Thiago Santos explains move to PFL


“It was also the right moment, at this stage of my career, to try something different,” Santos said. “I won’t be a hypocrite, of course that I want the $1 million [prize]. Of course I want money to make my nest egg. I don’t want to wait until it’s too late [in my career], like almost retiring, to fight one last fight and try a lot of money. No, I really want to fight. I know I still can do great things in MMA, I still have a few more years of fighting. The moment had to be now. New opportunities, better purse. Everything made me opt for the change.”

Santos declined to disclose how much he’s set to make in the PFL, but said “the purse is financially better for me than [what I had in the] UFC.”

Transcription courtesy of MMA Fighting