Jose Aldo says ‘boxing is a possibility’ following UFC retirement

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Jose Aldo leaves the option of returning to boxing competition open in the future, but a return to mixed martial arts is not a possibility.

Aldo announced his retirement from mixed martial arts (MMA) in September with one fight remaining on his contract with the UFC, but he was able to negotiate a deal that would allow him to transition to boxing. Aldo admitted in a Globo Esporte interview that he is still bound to the UFC in a way that prevents him from signing with other MMA organizations.

Jose Aldo says ‘boxing is a possibility’


Aldo has been debating boxing for a long time. Back in 2017, Aldo was ready to “fight all of his UFC fights (remain on the contract) in three months and go boxing,” according to his longtime manager and coach Andre Pederneiras.

“I’m trying to see the best path I’ll take right now,” Aldo said. “I won’t fight MMA, that’s for sure. I thank everybody calling me from other promotions, but I haven’t left the UFC, I remain under contract with them. I’ll see where I’ll fit.”

“Boxing is a possibility,” Aldo said of his next step as an athlete. “It was always a dream I had in my life, I never hid that from anyone. It was always a dream. But let’s see. Everybody says I’m still young, that I have a few years [left]. First, for now, with the birth of my son, I want to enjoy my family, and then I’ll think of the professional side.”

Transcription courtesy of MMA Fighting