Brendan Schaub says UFC President Dana White needs a handler

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Brendan Schaub, a former heavyweight contender for the UFC who is now a podcast host and comedian, has reacted to his longtime friend and promotional color commentator, Joe Rogan, who said he “needed a handler” for his predictions about the UFC 270 main event last month. Rogan also criticized Dana White and Mark Zuckerberg for their private UFC Vegas 61 event last weekend.

The Ultimate Fighter and UFC heavyweight division alum Schaub questioned the circumstances surrounding the hastily scheduled UFC 279 main event between Nate Diaz and Tony Ferguson last month after the original headliner, Khamzat Chimaev, egregiously failed to make weight for a matchup against Diaz by seven and a half pounds.

Brendan Schaub on UFC President Dana White

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In response to Schaub’s remarks, said his friend in Rogan needed a “handler” in light of recent rumors and claims.

“It’s so dumb,” Brendan Schaub said on his podcast. “I didn’t talk to him about that, but first of all, he’s wrong. He’s wrong about the theory. He needs a handler. He needs someone like me around him all the time. ‘What are you gonna do? No, no, no; here’s why.’ And he’ll go, ‘Yeah, you’re right.’”

“The other thing that irks me, even more, is that Dana (White) lies about it,” Brendan Schaub explained. “And then people will get mad at me, ‘Oh, come on. You think Dana anf the UFC would actually do something like that? Brendan needs a handler.’” Do I? Or does your boy need a handler? I’m not the one playing grab ass with Mark Zuckerberg. Letting him rent out Thicc Boy Studios, shutting it down for his entertainment. You should’ve run thay by me. I don’t need a handler. These guys need a handler.”

“Somebody should’ve gotten in the ear of Dana and Mark Zuckerberg, like, ‘Hey, you two rich, privileged f*cks, come over here. Do not ban the media, do not, not allow fans to attend this event. It affects the fighters.’” Brendan Schaub said.

“Just because this guy’s (Mark Zuckerberg) a billionaire and stole a f*cking app called Facebook off two twins (sic) doesn’t make this guy special,” Brendan Schaub continued. “He became a fan f*cking last week. Quit posting sh*t. You’re driving away your fanbase.” (Transcribed by Bloody Elbow)