Anthony Smith explains how Charles Oliveira beats Islam Makhachev at UFC 280

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Since “Do Bronx” emerged as the finest lightweight in the UFC, Anthony Smith has frequently praised him, yet whenever it came time to predict Oliveira’s matches, he consistently chose his opponents.

He did it when Michael Chandler challenged Oliveira for the vacant lightweight championship of the UFC. He repeated it when Dustin Poirier and Oliveira contested for the title, and he then went three for three by correctly choosing Justin Gaethje to defeat Oliveira in his most recent contest.

Since Oliveira will be competing against Islam Makhachev in the UFC 280 main event respectively, Smith says he has given up on doubting the Brazilian.

“I’m not going to do it anymore,” Smith said with a laugh on The Fighter vs. The Writer. “I always, always, I don’t want to say discredit, but I always doubt Charles Oliveira. Then afterwards I tell myself why do you do that? Cause I have a lot of respect for that guy but even going into the Poirier fight, well Poirier’s kind of the uncrowned champion here and I believe in Charles Oliveira but I think Poirier gets this done. I did the same thing with Chandler. I’m not doing it anymore.

“Even when I start digging into the details and I start watching film and I’m like I don’t know, maybe he just gets controlled — I’m not doing it. I’m sticking to my gut and I think Charles Oliveira beats Islam. I do.”

Anthony Smith talks how Charles Oliveira beats Islam Makhachev at UFC 280

Smith anticipates that, given enough time, Oliveira will either find a way to force Makhachev to submit or, more likely, return the battle to its feet, where he believes Oliveira is unquestionably the superior fighter.

“I think that [Oliveira] attacks submission after submission after submission until eventually Islam’s going to have to retract and pull out of something and I think that he’s going to stand up straight to his feet,” Smith said. “That’s the best case for Islam is that he gets back to his feet. Worst case is that you retract or start pulling out of submissions and he goes to your back or he latches onto something else.

“I just think he’s going to attack, attack, attack until he finds something or gets back to his feet and I think he wins striking exchanges. I would not be shocked to see Charles Oliveira get a takedown. It’s not going to be your typical singles and doubles, s*** like that, but I would not be shocked to see him end up on the fence and see him start crawling to some weird clinch and dragging Islam down, tripping him up or something like that. It would not blow me away.”