Sean O’Malley shares how he can get closer to ‘Conor McGregor level’ fame at UFC 280

Sean O’Malley
Photo Credit: Twitter

Sean O’Malley, a UFC bantamweight contender, thinks that sooner or later, fans of mixed martial arts want to see another bout on the caliber of previous two-weight champion Conor McGregor. And he gets closer to that level of notoriety and praise with a win over former champion Petr Yan at UFC 280 in two weeks.

This month on “Fight Island,” Sean O’Malley, the current No. 12 ranked contender, is scheduled to compete in a high-profile main event matchup against former undisputed champion Yan in what might be a championship eliminator at 135 pounds.

Sean O’Malley shares how he can get closer to ‘Conor McGregor level’ fame

“Usually I’d say people are hoping I don’t win, but to be honest, I would say the majority of people that think I won’t win, actually want me to win,” Sean O’Malley said during an interview on DC & RC on ESPN. “People want a superstar. There’s really no one in the UFC right now that is that Conor (McGregor) level. Me, I go out there and beat Petr (Yan) in spectacular fashion, I’m climbing.”

“I’m not going to be there yet and I know that, but I’m climbing to become that guy,” Sean O’Malley explained. “I want to be ‘the’ Conor, I don’t want it to be competitive to where it’s like, ‘You’re up there with this.’ I want to be that guy.”

“And I think the UFC fans want that,” Sean O’Malley explained. “They want somebody that they can get super, super excited about, so most people think I’m going to lose but I think the majority of people want me to go out there and win, which is rare, I don’t usually think that, but I do think in this case that’s what it is.”

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