Tito Ortiz claims he’ll rematch this former UFC title contender in February

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Tito Ortiz announced that he will be competing against fellow former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen for the second time.

Ortiz and Sonnen’s rematch be on the horizon? Ortiz announced during his appearance on The Adam Carolla Show that he will face Sonnen again in February 2023.

Ortiz and Sonnen first encountered each other in 2017 during the Bellator 170 main event. At 2:03 into the first round, Ortiz applied a rear-naked choke that caused Sonnen to submit.

Tito Ortiz claims he’ll rematch this former UFC contender in February

“I’ll be competing my one last time in the beginning of February,” Ortiz said. “Tito Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen number two will be happening for Freedom Fight Night, and I’m excited. I’m really excited. In mixed martial arts, not boxing.”