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RavenstarMMA.com Introduction

Welcome to RavenstarMMA.com where we cover all UFC news, UFC rumors, UFC ratings, UFC betting odds, and more. The home of all MMA news. My name is Andrew Ravens, and who has been reporting on all news from the world of pro wrestling and MMA for nearly a decade. On this site, I will cover any MMA news. MMA has been one of my favorite sports over the last 15 years. See, I first found the sport through Ultimate Fighter, just like many fans. I saw the first season on Spike in 2005, right after WWE Monday Night Raw. Some fans won’t admit it, but we all grew up as wrestling fans. When I saw this real sport, I was hooked. I then started watching Pride on FOX Sports, and I was hooked at that point. I wanted to start an MMA site to bring a fresh look at the sport. There are various great sites out there that are dedicated to all promotions and all angles that MMA has to offer. The MMA community is such a great one that is close. We helped the sport grow, and the passion we all have is one that just shines when a debate about who the GOAT is or which fighter will win their next fight.

RavenstarMMA.com Reason

I wanted to bring news in a different way that is compressed and straight to the point. This is my second attempt at this website, and I look to build on the original success I created in 2020.  It turns out that betting on MMA is not only fun but also profitable; you should know you won’t get rich overnight. So I cover everything related to betting on MMA. Not only is it a way to make some extra bucks, but it predicts how finishes to matches will happen. The bigger the favorite, the more likely that person will win. On the flip side, when someone is the smaller favorite or in the case of betting, an underdog means they won’t likely win the match.  While betting on MMA, You don’t have to worry about red cards or penalties or players getting sent off, but rather, you need to look at what is being booked month-to-month, week-to-week, or even day-to-day.